What is GPYX

GoldenPyrex (GPYX) is an exchange-based token and native currency of the PyrexPlatform.

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The future of blockchain is in complex solutions!

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A universal solution based on the blockchain

There are hundreds of different exchanges in the crypto industry. At the same time, despite the huge variety of trading platforms, traders prefer to use the exchanges with the highest liquidity, further increasing the liquidity of these exchanges and trading volumes. The remaining platforms suffer from a lack of liquidity and cannot attract users to the platform.

Exchanges are the circulatory system of the cryptocurrency industry. Without them, the integration of crypto projects and their interaction are impossible. Trading platforms link the cryptocurrency industry. At the same time, exchanges are intermediaries. Cryptocurrency was created to avoid the intermediaries.

As a result, instead of reducing intermediaries, even more intermediaries were appeared. Tokens of each project, in order to have liquidity and to circulate not only within the platform, must also be traded on third-party exchanges.

We decided to eliminate intermediaries and create a comprehensive solution providing, in addition to the exchange - the circulatory system of our project - a gaming and entertainment platform. In the future, the Golden Pyrex ecosystem will integrate cloud storage and cryptobank to create a full-fledged closed-loop ecosystem and reduce the number of intermediaries, providing users with the maximum number and variety of quality services.

Different services - one database

Customer convenience is our top priority. Now users of the gaming and entertainment platform do not need to look for exchanges to buy GPYX tokens. Everything can be done within one ecosystem. To increase the liquidity of GPYX, also there are listings on third-party resources, the number of which will increase in future.

In the future, to fully work with fiat, we will add a licensed banking platform and cloud storage to expand the range of services.


Blockchain has made games fair and secure.


Why entertainment and gaming platform

The gaming industry is one of the most promising and fastest growing one. In 2018, the total gaming market has reached $134.9 billion. It is 10.9% more than a year earlier. However, the growth rate of the gaming industry remains stable — in 2017, its volume was increased by 10.7%.

Play Poker with GPYX

The gambling industry is also growing. The gambling market has reached $45.2 billion in 2018 and $40.7 billion in 2017.

The appearance of blockchain has solved the main problem of the gambling industry - the lack of trust between players and gaming institutions. The transparency of the blockchain allows, on the one hand, players to track the distribution of bets and prizes, and, on the other hand, does not allow players to cheat gaming institutions.


How the GPYX token is used

The GPYX token is an integral part of the whole GoldenPyrex ecosystem.

Using the GPYX token GoldenPyrex users receive discounts for the following project services:

  • 1
    Commission for trading cryptocurrency
  • 2
    Commission for exchange operations
  • 3
    Ticket for Vip Club and Tournaments
  • 4
    Payment for the listing on Platform
  • 5
    Commission for the conduction of IEO on GoldenPyrex platform
  • 6
    Payment for games and services of the gaming and entertainment platform
  • 7
    Bonuses on the gaming and entertainment platform
  • 8
    Use as Vote on Platform for Listings

Where I can buy mini logo GPYX GPYX?

Binance chain

List of wallets that support mini logo GPYX GPYX

Here you can see the wallets where you can store your GPYX. As the GoldenPyrex ecosystem evolves, we will add new wallets.


  • 2018
  • 3rd quarter 2018
    • Project start
    • Development of the platform
    • Audit and preparing for the launch
  • 2019
  • 4th quarter 2019
    • Listing of GPYX token on cryptocurrency exchanges
    • Listing of GPYX token on CoinMarketCap
    • Launch of the platform
  • 2020
  • 1st quarter 2020
    • Launch of the mobile version of the platform
    • Holding a large-scale campaign on the platform
    • Development of the ecosystem of the platform
  • 2nd quarter 2020
    • Development of additions to the platform
    • Platform engine update
    • Development of GPYX token usage infrastructure
  • 3rd quarter 2020
    • Roadmap 2.0

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Ilyas Sadvakassov
Ilyas Sadvakassov
CEO / Founder
Vladimir Nikitin
Vladimir Nikitin
Alexey Ivanov
Alexey Ivanov
Core Designer
Ivan Varava
Ivan Varava
UI/UX Designer
Ilia Krasnov
Ilia Krasnov
PyrexPoker CDO
Romain Bergery
Romain Bergery
Blockchain Developer
Head of Security